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Commission a Work

Performing a piece of music that was written specifically for your ensemble can be a rewarding experience. Becky enjoys working with all sizes of performing groups - both instrumental and choral. If you would like to commission a work for your group, please use the Contact Form or send an email.

If you are interested in commissioning original music for your wedding, please visit Wedding Music Made for You.

Music Transcription/Copyist

If you have written a piece and would like help turning it into a professional looking document, ready for publishing, we can help. All music is entered into the latest version of Finale and we send you an easy to print, camera ready master in pdf format.

The size and scope of each project is unique, so please contact me to discuss your project using the Contact Form or send an email and tell me about your project and what you are looking for (lead sheet, vocal/piano score, transcription of your handwritten composition, etc).

I will also need an mp3 or CD of your song, or your hand-written manuscript. Please let me know how you'll be sending the mp3 (or wav) file.

After I look through your project, I will send you an estimate. If For projects estimated below $200, a 50% deposit is required to begin work. For projects $200 and above, a 30% deposit is required. The balance is due at completion of work, in which I send you the pdf of the finished score. (The final invoice is never more than 25% of the original estimate.) Minimum charge for any project is $50.


After beginning piano lessons at the age of eight and writing her first composition at the age of nine, Becky began her accompanying career at the age of ten as pianist for her home church in south Georgia. She was soon performing for various community events and concerts in the area. Since then, she has gone on to perform with artists and musicians across the country - from the local amateur to the collegiate and professional levels. For availability and more information, please use the Contact Form or send an email
Professional Coaching
Becky is also a certified Life Coach. She specializes in helping clients move past their fears, discover their true selves, and get on with the passionate pursuit of their dreams. For more information, or to see a catalog of her self-development products, visit YourSoulJourneyCoaching or Center for Inner Wellness.

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