2008-2009 Calendar

Aug 18 - Lessons begin

Oct 6-10 - Fall Break

Nov 26-28 Thanksgiving Break

Dec 8-12 - Last week of lessons

Dec 13 - Fall Recital (tentative)

Jan 5 lessons resume

Mar 16-20 - Spring Break

May 11-15 Last week of lessons

May 16 - Spring Recital (tentative)

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Teaching Studio Policy

My purpose is to help each student build a solid musical foundation that will provide them a lifetime of enjoyment. I believe there is creativity in all of us. My job as teacher and mentor is to inspire each student to uncover their potential, be a guide and way-shower, helping to develop and strengthen these gifts.

Private Lessons

The 2008-2009 school year will begin the week of August 18. If you are interested in lessons, please call 256-348-5236 or send an email. Space is limited.

Please go here for tuition information and the registration form. Tuition Information & Registration Form

Groups and Partner Lessons

This year I'm offering Beginner Group Piano Lessons for elementary age students. (6 - 9 years old / 1st - 4th grade) Students are grouped according to age and ability. Classes are limited to 6 students to ensure each student receives individual attention. At least 3 students are required for the class to make.

If you are interested in Beginner Group Lessons, please call or send an email.

Partner Lessons are offered on an as-needed basis. This is an excellent choice when two students are at the same level musically and developmentally, and when there are budget considerations.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have concerning these programs, or to discuss your child's music interest.

Cancellations and Make-Up Lessons

Please give at least 24-hours notice if you must cancel a lesson. Make up lessons are given at the teacher's discretion, depending on the available time and the student's need. Last minute cancellations and no-shows will not be made up.

Practice is Required

Learning any new skill takes consistent, focused repetition. In the music world, it's called practice. In order to receive the full benefits of musical study, daily practice is essential.

Thirty (30) minutes, six(6) days a week is the ideal for the beginning to early intermediate student. As pieces become longer and more complex, the amount of practice time needed will naturally increase. For younger students, as well as busy families, this time may be divided into shorter segments.

The ultimate goal of practicing is to be able to play the assigned pieces musically with all the right notes. Carving out a consistent practice schedule is the first step. I strongly recommend that parents sit down with their child at the beginning of lessons and establish a daily/weekly routine for practicing. With our busy schedules and countless obligations each day, it is too easy to let the day slip by without practicing. But if practicing is established as a priority on your child's To-Do list, creating a daily habit, your efforts will be rewarded. The student will make consistent progress and they - and you - will enjoy their musical study much more.

In reality, studying music is a family affair. It takes family coordination to set up and keep practice routines. It also takes parental support, which can come in many forms - anything from asking your child to play a favorite piece, to keeping abreast of weekly assignments, to pep talks when a difficult song comes along. In addition, sitting in on practice sessions with younger children, helping them read instructions or lesson assignments, can help alleviate potential anxiety when the student is new to reading words as well as music.

If you have questions or would like suggestions or practice strategies specific to your family, please contact me.

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